BeachGrove. The Land.

BeachGrove had very little discernible impact from the earthquake events of 2010/11. The land is good.

Tonkin & Taylor – Geotechnical Engineers, were commissioned for extensive site investigation of the development area. Their findings enabled BeachGrove to put in place land improvements to ensure all sections perform to a minimum of TC2 standard, with some stages likely to be of TC1.

Tonkin & Taylor have confirmed these ratings, and the Waimakariri Council Geotechnical Consultants have independently verified this.

All homes will be built specifically for the land. You can be confident knowing your home has been designed and built with all the experience and knowledge that been gained over the last three years, and that is so very important for security and peace of mind.

The entire site will be raised to a minimum of 2 metres above mean sea level with an engineered and compacted gravel layer. (A level set by the Council to protect from future sea level rises and from major storm events such as a 1 in 200 year flood event.)